28 Day Core Play Challenge: Week 3!

Day 1: This week is Animal moves! Fun! Oooo, but I can already feel my poor core got its money’s worth today. Scorpion Pose was my favorite! But not the band Scorpion. Not my fave band. Day 2: Deepen Your Backbends Yoga Flow Day! This yoga flow has me sweaty...but it was really enjoyable! I’m... Continue Reading →

28 Day The Core Play Challenge: Week 2

Day 1: So it was labeled “Let’s Get Serious-Shoulder and Core Burn”. Yep, my shoulders...they are a burnin’. It’s nice she gives you modifications to make things “easier”. Quotations are still there because it’s still crazy hard. Yoga Blocks were utilized to make my lifting of the butt off the floor “easier”. Yay, shoulder day!... Continue Reading →

Can I *have* more fun?

We’ve been doing the FlyParkFly thang all summer and it’s saved my sanity! Last night was at good old Sibley Park in Mankato. Dancing for an hour straight is the best thing everrrr!!!!! Song: What’s Inside Your Butthole Dancers: Abby Daleki, Violet Kind, Blair McLaughlin (that’s me! 🤣

I did a thing…for my butt?

Okay,...so not *just* for my butt. My lower back too! I have the most amazing Massage Therapist, Jessica Roemhildt, and she noticed my legs were maybe a bit *too* strong? Meaning, my legs are doing all the work they should be sharing with my glutes and lower back. I can agree with that. I would... Continue Reading →


I’ve been a little obsessed with taking a snippet of choreography...then trying to dance it in reverse. Last Monday, I had my Rock the Foo class do it! They compared reversing to a sobriety test. 🤣🤣🤣

B’s Braces Bracelets!

If you catch me out and about anywhere, chances are I’ll have this little bag on me! I’m selling bracelets (and the type of bracelet changes all the time!) for $5 each! These are made from recycled vinyl record beads. Each bracelet comes with a fancy-schmancy Pryder Dance Sticker! WooHoo! All proceeds go toward my... Continue Reading →

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